Video Structuring

Analyze attributes and characteristics of passersby, vehicles and objects shown on the video, establish a structured platform of video big data, to classify all objects, show AI ability and relieve storage pressure.

Function Description

Real-time Analysis

Analyze facial information on basis of Deep learning, to get various facial attributes such as gender, age, eye states, face angle, wears and so on.

Real-time Perception

Analyze the video in real-time, output snapshots of objects, carry out classified statistics and generate the curve of browsing path, to satisfy the demand of personalized demonstrating.

Quick & Accurate

High detection rate and high recognition rate; adopts the data interaction technology with multi-model algorithm, to realize that the detection rate and recognition rate is higher than average level.

Intelligent Search

Based on Deep learning, the searching performance has been improved greatly as it supports type search, track search, color search and image search.



Public Security

Assist police officers to quickly find the target and free police strength

Security Monitoring

Rapidly extract information of passersby and vehicles, improve the searching speed of checking key targets

Malls & Supermarkets

Analyze customer portraits and flow statistics, to realize accurate marketing