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Our company name “Universal Ubiquitous Co., Ltd.” comes from the two words – Universal and Ubiquitous, and the former two syllables form the abbreviation name as “Uni-Ubi”. The company logo is also designed on basis of the two words: sets the initial U as the basic structure, forms the state that they are supporting each other; together with the ∞ symbol and Mobius band, reflects the implied meaning of the name and expresses best wishes for future development of the company.

Company Introduction

Uni-Ubi is a global leading AIoT servicer of all-scenario smart cities and gives a priority to the international strategy. As early as 2015, Uni-Ubi has made breakthroughs in AI technology and won the world’s third in FDDB and second in LFW for international authoritative face recognition. Since it embarked on the global market in 2019, it has launched its business in over 50 countries, with its Uface series of face recognition and temperature measuring exported to India, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Israel, and South Africa, etc. It has also unveiled many of its AI achievements overseas, such as in Latin America and Africa.

Moving forward, Uni-Ubi will devote itself to the launching of the global market and embrace it with a rich product line, so that the Uni-Ubi AI products will be more recognized by overseas users. Beyond that, we pursue to unbundle the unrivaled creativity and quality of China’s technology and create ubiquitous beauty with minded thoughts, bringing extraordinary value to the customers.


Universal Ubiquitous Co., Ltd.

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